New Motorhome vs Used Motorhome

You have made the decision to purchase a motorhome for you and your family. What is next? Well now comes the tough part making all the decisions. There are many different manufactures and options to choose from. However the first decision you will need to make is do you want to buy a new motorhome or a used motorhome?

There are many benefits to buying a new motorhome! You can get exactly what you want. If you cannot find a model with all the options that you want you can get it custom made! Typically if you get a new motorhome it will also come with a warranty. This is great if you have any mechanical issues, it is a vehicle after all. A used motorhome may have more maintenance issues that you will need to deal with and pay for.

The main benefit to buying a used motorhome is the fact that they are cheaper! If you are on a strict budget a used motorhome might be the way to go! Motorhomes do tend to depreciate quite rapidly. So you can often get a quality unit at a reasonable price. You do need to factor in that you might have added expense of maintenance with a used unit. Depending on how many years old the unit is the maintenance may not be that bad.

If you are not sure that you will like having a motorhome maybe you should start with a used motorhome. This way you would not have a lot of money tied up in it and you could keep it for a year or so. Then when you know how much you love owning a motorhome you can purchase a new one. If you already know that you will be keeping your motorhome for a long period of time a new motorhome might be the way to go. This way you will get exactly what you want and you will know that it is being taken care of.


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